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Welcome to the detailed guide on integrating Devzery with your development workflow. This document covers how to use our Chrome extension to generate test cases for web applications and create test scenarios for mobile apps through screenshot uploads and connect Devzery with JIRA.


Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

  • An active Devzery account. Register here

  • An active JIRA account with administrative permissions if you want to integrate JIRA with Devzery.

  • The latest version of the Chrome browser is installed via the Chrome web store. 

  • Access your mobile app's screens for which you wish to generate test cases or the web app URL.


Using the Chrome Extension for Web Apps

Step 1: Register on Devzery (Video)

  • Navigate to the Devzery webpage and sign up with your email and password.

  • Click on “New Product” on the Left panel

  • Enter your product name, explain who your users are, enter the latest version, and add different product sections eg: Settings, Homepage, etc.

  • Click on “Add Product”.

Step 2: Install the Devzery Chrome Extension

  • Visit the Chrome Web Store.

  • Search for ‘Devzery Chrome Extension’.

  • Click ‘Add to Chrome’ and confirm the installation.

Step 3: Generate Test Cases with One Click

  • Navigate to your web application in Chrome.(Video​)

  • Click the Devzery extension icon in the browser toolbar.

  • Log in with your Devzery credentials.

  • Once you log in, click on the product and select the product section where the current page is correlated.

  • Click ‘Generate’ to let Devzery analyze the current web page.

  • Go to the next page and click “Generate” directly if it's for the same product section or change the product section and click “Generate” Eg: If you were in your product’s settings page and the product section you had previously selected was settings now you have loaded the homepage then select the homepage product section before clicking Generate. 

  • You will receive an email once the test cases are generated. Alternatively, you can click on your Product name (ADD LINK) and the test cases will be sorted based on how likely it is to fail.​

Generating Test Cases for Mobile Apps via Screenshot Uploads

Step 1: Capture Screenshots of Your Mobile App(Video)

  • Use your mobile device to capture screenshots of all the screens you want to generate test cases for.

  • Ensure that all elements are clearly visible.

Step 2: Upload Screenshots to Devzery

  • Log into your Devzery account.

  • Enter your product name, explain who your users are, enter the latest version and add different product sections and mention “mobile” in product type eg: Settings, Homepage, etc.

  • Click on “Add Product”.

  • Click on ‘Upload Screenshots’ select the images from your device and choose the product section pertaining to your screenshots. 

  • Once uploaded, Devzery will process the screenshots and generate test cases based on the UI elements and flows.

  • You will receive an email once the test cases are generated. Alternatively, you can click on your Product name (ADD LINK) and the test cases will be sorted based on how likely it is to fail using our proprietary predictive algorithm.

Integration with JIRA

Step 1: Configure Devzery for JIRA Integration

  • Log into your Devzery account.

  • Navigate to ‘Integrations’.

  • Click ‘Add Integration’ and choose ‘JIRA’ from the list.

  • Enter your JIRA instance URL and your JIRA credentials (or API token for JIRA Cloud users). (ADD API TOKEN LINK)

Step 2: Map Devzery Projects to JIRA Projects

  • Once connected, select the project in Devzery you want to integrate.

  • Map it to the corresponding JIRA project by selecting it from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Test the Integration

  • Create an issue or mark a test case “FAIL” in Devzery.

  • Use the ‘JIRA’ button to link the bug to a parent issue in JIRA.

  • Verify the test case appears in the mapped JIRA project under the linked issue with the correct details.

Adding a new version to update test cases

  • Click on the “Add version” button on the dashboard page for your product enter the new version name and additional product section if any and explain what has changed.

  • Click on “Add version”

  • Now open your web URL and click generate on only pages which have been updated visually with the relevant product section. For the mobile app upload the updated screenshots and product section changes.(Video)



Raising Issues via the Devzery Chrome extension

  • Once the test cases are generated for a product you will be able to mark a test case as “fail” from the extension in itself.

  • Select the product section and search for a test case

  • Add links or attach screen recordings via the icon and select “fail” from the drop-down. 

  • This is reflected on the “Bugs” page in Devzery where you can link the bugs to a parent issue on JIRA.


If you encounter issues during any of these processes, check the following:

  • Ensure all login credentials and URLs are correct.

  • Confirm that there are no network or firewall issues blocking the connection.

  • Verify that the Devzery Chrome extension is updated to the latest version.

Support and Contact

For further assistance, please reach out to our support team at []. Our team is available 24/7 to help you resolve any issues or answer any additional questions you may have.

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