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Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

What is Devzery?

Devzery is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of generating test cases for web and mobile applications. By analyzing your mobile app's interface or web app’s HTML code, it creates comprehensive, non-repetitive test scenarios to ensure your product is thoroughly vetted for quality.

How does Devzery’s AI generate test cases?
Our AI uses machine learning algorithms to understand your web application's structure and functionality. It then simulates a QA engineer's logic to produce relevant and unique test cases, ensuring extensive test coverage.

Will Devzery work with my existing CI/CD pipeline?
Not yet but we will be soon launching it.

Is there a risk of having too many redundant test cases?
Devzery’s intelligent de-duplication algorithm minimizes redundancy by analyzing test cases for similarity and merging overlapping scenarios, which keeps your test suite efficient and manageable.

Can I try Devzery before I buy?
Absolutely! We offer a one-month free trial so you can see how Devzery fits into your QA process. No credit card is required to start.

What kind of support does Devzery offer?
We provide email and chat support for all our users. For enterprise clients, we offer dedicated account management and priority support.

How does Devzery handle data privacy?
Data privacy is our top priority. We comply with GDPR and other major data protection regulations. For detailed information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What product does Devzery support you for test case generation?
Devzery is a versatile platform that supports test case generation for both web applications and mobile apps, making it platform-agnostic. It seamlessly operates across various operating systems and environments. It's worth noting that the Devzery extension is specifically supported on the Google Chrome browser.

Will Devzery work with my JIRA?
Yes! You can mark the test cases as failed from the Chrome extension directly or create custom issues on the Devzery web app and the issues will reflect on your JIRA parent issue for the devs to fix it. Refer to Help Doc on how to integrate.

Can I execute my test cases automatically?
Not at the moment but we are working on it until then you can easily mark a test case as “fail” or pass via Chrome extension and link those to JIRA parent issues.

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