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Your Ultimate Guide to Piggy Bankers: Understanding, Using, and Choosing the Best Ones


Piggy bankers have been a beloved tool for saving money for generations. They symbolize financial responsibility, thrift, and the simple joy of saving. Whether you're a parent teaching your child the value of money or an adult looking for a charming way to save, piggy bankers remain relevant and practical. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the history, types, benefits, and how to choose the perfect piggy banker for your needs.

The History of Piggy Bankers

Piggy bankers have a fascinating history that dates back centuries. The origin of the piggy bank can be traced to the Middle Ages when people used a type of clay called "pygg" to create jars for storing money. Over time, these jars evolved into the pig-shaped banks we recognize today. The term "piggy bank" became popular in the 19th century, solidifying the charming association between pigs and savings.

Why Use a Piggy Banker?

Using a piggy banker offers numerous benefits:

  • Encourages Savings: Piggy bankers provide a tangible way to save money, making the process more engaging.

  • Teaches Financial Responsibility: For children, piggy banks are an excellent tool for learning about money management.

  • Physical Savings: Unlike digital savings, a piggy banker gives a physical representation of your savings progress.

  • Habit Formation: Regularly depositing money into a piggy banker helps build a habit of saving.

Types of Piggy Bankers

There are various types of piggy bankers available to suit different needs and preferences:

  • Classic Ceramic Piggy Bankers: Traditional and often decorative, these are great for children and adults alike.

  • Digital Piggy Bankers: Equipped with counters to track deposits, perfect for tech-savvy savers.

  • Customizable Piggy Bankers: Personalized designs that can be tailored to the individual's tastes.

  • Novelty Piggy Bankers: Fun and unique designs that make saving money enjoyable.

Choosing the Right Piggy Banker

When selecting a piggy banker, consider the following factors:

  • Material: Ceramic, plastic, and metal are common materials, each with its own benefits.

  • Size: Choose a size that matches your savings goals.

  • Design: Pick a design that appeals to the user, especially if it's for a child.

  • Security: Some piggy bankers come with locks for added security.

How to Use a Piggy Banker Effectively

Using a piggy banker effectively involves more than just dropping coins into it. Here are some tips:

  • Set a Savings Goal: Determine what you're saving for and set a target amount.

  • Regular Deposits: Make it a habit to deposit money regularly, even if it's just spare change.

  • Track Progress: For digital piggy bankers, track your savings to stay motivated.

  • Teach Kids: Use piggy bankers as an educational tool to teach children about the value of money.

The Role of Piggy Bankers in Financial Education

Piggy bankers play a crucial role in financial education, especially for children. They provide a hands-on approach to learning about money management, savings goals, and financial responsibility. By using a piggy banker, children can see the direct results of their saving efforts, making the concept of money more tangible and understandable.

Fun Activities with Piggy Bankers

Make saving money fun with these activities:

  • Decorate Your Piggy Banker: Personalize it with paint, stickers, or other craft supplies.

  • Savings Challenges: Set weekly or monthly savings challenges with rewards for reaching goals.

  • Count and Sort: Regularly count and sort the money in your piggy banker to see your progress.

Popular Piggy Banker Designs

From traditional to modern, piggy banker designs are diverse and creative:

piggy banker

  • Animal Shapes: Besides pigs, other animals like cats, dogs, and elephants are popular.

  • Themed Bankers: Superheroes, cartoon characters, and themed designs appeal to children.

  • Elegant Designs: For adults, there are sophisticated and minimalist designs that fit home décor.

Piggy Bankers for Adults

While often associated with children, piggy bankers are also useful for adults. They serve as a nostalgic and practical tool for saving small amounts of money for specific goals, such as a vacation fund or a special purchase.

Piggy Bankers as Gifts

Piggy bankers make thoughtful and practical gifts for various occasions:

  • Birthdays: A fun and educational gift for children.

  • Baby Showers: A charming way to start a savings fund for a newborn.

  • Holidays: A unique and memorable present for friends and family.

Innovative Piggy Banker Technologies

The world of piggy bankers has evolved with technology:

  • Smart Piggy Bankers: Connected to apps that track savings and set goals.

  • Interactive Bankers: Engage children with lights, sounds, and educational features.

  • Blockchain Piggy Bankers: Digital solutions that use blockchain technology for secure savings.

Creating a Savings Plan with a Piggy Banker

A piggy banker can be an essential part of a broader savings plan:

  • Budgeting: Allocate a portion of your budget to deposit into the piggy banker.

  • Savings Goals: Set short-term and long-term savings goals and use the piggy banker to achieve them.

  • Tracking and Adjusting: Regularly check your progress and adjust your savings plan as needed.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Piggy Bankers

To maximize the benefits of using a piggy banker, avoid these common mistakes:

  • Infrequent Deposits: Make regular deposits to build a consistent saving habit.

  • Ignoring Small Change: Every coin counts; don’t overlook small contributions.

  • Lack of Security: Ensure your piggy banker is in a safe place, especially if it’s valuable.

Piggy Banker Alternatives

While piggy bankers are popular, there are other methods for saving money:

  • Savings Jars: Simple jars designated for specific savings goals.

  • Envelope System: Using envelopes to budget and save money.

  • Digital Savings Accounts: Online accounts that automatically save money.

Maintaining Your Piggy Banker

Keep your piggy banker in good condition with these tips:

  • Regular Cleaning: Dust and clean your piggy banker to maintain its appearance.

  • Safe Storage: Keep it in a secure place to prevent damage or theft.

  • Handle with Care: Be gentle to avoid breaking, especially for ceramic models.

Piggy Banker Trends in 2024

The latest trends in piggy bankers reflect advancements in technology and design:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials are becoming popular.

  • Personalization: Customizable options are in high demand.

  • Tech Integration: More piggy bankers are incorporating digital tracking and interactive features.


Piggy bankers are more than just charming containers for coins; they are valuable tools for teaching financial responsibility and building savings habits. Whether you're introducing a child to the concept of saving or looking for a nostalgic way to stash your spare change, piggy bankers offer both practicality and fun. With various designs, technological advancements, and the timeless appeal of saving, piggy bankers remain a beloved choice for savers of all ages.

Key Takeaway

  1. History and Evolution: Discover the fascinating history of piggy bankers, from clay jars to the iconic pig-shaped banks we know today. 

  2. Benefits of Using Piggy Bankers: Explore how piggy bankers encourage savings habits and teach financial responsibility, making them ideal for both children and adults. (Financial Education for Kids)

  3. Types of Piggy Bankers: From traditional ceramic to digital and customizable options, learn about the various types of piggy bankers available to suit different preferences.

  4. Choosing the Right Piggy Banker: Understand the factors to consider when selecting a piggy banker, including material, size, design, and security features.

  5. Effective Use and Financial Education: Explore tips for using piggy bankers effectively, setting savings goals, and using them as educational tools for children. (Financial Education for Kids)

  6. Piggy Banker Designs: Delve into popular designs ranging from classic animal shapes to modern, tech-integrated options, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

  7. Innovative Piggy Banker Technologies: Learn about smart piggy bankers, interactive models, and blockchain-powered solutions shaping the future of saving.

  8. Creating a Savings Plan: Discover how to integrate a piggy banker into a broader savings strategy, including budgeting, setting goals, and tracking progress. (Creating a Savings Plan)

  9. Common Mistakes and Alternatives: Avoid pitfalls like infrequent deposits and explore alternative savings methods such as jars, envelopes, and digital savings accounts.

  10. Maintenance and Trends: Tips for maintaining your piggy banker and insights into current trends like eco-friendly materials and personalized designs.


What is a piggy banker?

A piggy banker is a container used to save money, typically designed to be visually appealing and accessible, encouraging regular saving habits.

Why are piggy bankers shaped like pigs?

The shape originates from the historical use of "pygg" clay to make money jars, which evolved into pig-shaped banks over time.

Are digital piggy bankers better than traditional ones?

Digital piggy bankers offer features like tracking deposits, which can be motivating, but traditional ones have a nostalgic and tangible appeal.

Can adults use piggy bankers?

Absolutely! Piggy bankers are practical and fun for adults, serving as a tool for saving small amounts for specific goals.

How can I encourage my child to use a piggy banker?

Make it fun with savings challenges, decorate the piggy banker together, and set achievable goals with rewards.

What should I do if my piggy banker is full?

Count and deposit the money into a savings account, then continue using the piggy banker for your next savings goal.

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