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Our Features

Automatic Test Case Generation

Experience the future of testing with automatic test case scenario generation from your product URL or requirements doc, streamlining the testing process and ensuring optimal validation of your application's functionality and user experience.

 • 95% coverage on scenario generation specific to fintech

 • Advanced algorithm for assigning priority and severity

Automatic test cases

Targeted Regression Testing

Maximize your testing efficiency with Devzery's innovative targeted regression testing algorithm, designed to identify the most critical test cases to run based on code changes

 • 95% accuracy on impact assessment

 • Fintech Industry focussed curation

Regeration testing

CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Seamlessly integrate Devzery with popular CI/CD pipelines to maintain an efficient testing process and identify impacted test cases automatically in line with your agile development workflow.

CI/CD Pipeline

Browser extension to improve collaboration

Helps testers report and collaborate with various project management tools via a single click from the browser, reducing the reporting hassles and improving collaboration with the development team.

Browser extension
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